OverTheCounterStore, stress free and hassle free online pharmacy

Need your medicines to be shipped on your doorstep? Then you have come to the right place. Over The Counter Store is your reliable and trustworthy online pharmacy. We understand how demanding time can be and how we wish we can stop, pause and continue time so that we can get things done. Buying medicines can be time consuming, as well. We seek for the convenience and satisfaction of every customer that we have. We offer our services for you not to experience the hassle and stress that one can encounter when buying your medicines at an actual pharmacy.

Existing since the year 2005, our company has been catering the needs of customers from different areas across the globe. Throughout the years, we have gained a number of satisfied customers that has been ordering few times since the first one that they had. We offer generic medicines that are not only affordable but they are with high quality.

As our main goal is also to provide comforts of the customers, the shipments are also provided internationally. Wherever you are, we deliver. Courier and payment options vary for customers to choose from where and what they are comfortable and convenient with. Orders and payments are both processed online. You have to make sure that all information that you have input is correct so as not to delay the order process. All personal information gathered is strictly kept confidentially for customers’ privacy and safety. Your medicines ordered online are 100% guaranteed to arrive to you in a neat and secured package.

This is convenience at its finest. Medicines sold here on OverTheCounterStore are specifically categorized into the type of drug that they are for easy browsing. You can effortlessly browse on the drug that you may want to purchase. You can also provide keyword/s of the medicine, type it on the Search Box and look it up. The website can be used without any difficulty as it is designed for customers to have no hassle in navigating it.

We also pay attention to our customers’ feedback and improve on our part if they find something we are lacking on, if there any. Customers’ feedback is positively highly appreciated. As this is important for other customers because this will reflect the way we provide our service to you. In relation to that, Testimonial (or OverTheCounterStore Reviews) Tab is also available on our website. With that, you can have an idea on how we handle our customers, their concerns and their orders.

We value our customers as much as we value our products. In that sense, we offer our customer service support that you can call anytime of the day. It is available 24/7. Rest assured that our customer service representatives are highly trained with good manners and excellent skills to best assist you with your wants, needs and concerns. They are ready and willing to hear you out and help you with your inquisitions.

OverTheCounterStore.com indeed is a stress free and hassle free, online pharmacy. We can’t wait to process your orders and deliver them to you. Happy Medicine Online Shopping!